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• Mission • Vision • Values •

In the heart of the Treedia brand there are values like togetherness, care, social activation and long-term vs short term approach when it comes to business and decision making

Mission Vision Values

In the heart of the Treedia brand there are values like togetherness, care, social activation and long-term vs short term approach when it comes to in business and decision making

Value of Togetherness:

Treedia is an open brand that, regardless of the services it provides, it focuses on the greater good. The vision of the brand is to create an ecosystem of individuals and institutions that work together to save the environment and make the world a better place. The premise of togetherness is of paramount importance and Treedia favors teamwork and win-win collaborations.


Value of Social Activation:

Treedia is not a static brand, it is everchanging and evergreen and this is what it advocates. Companies are motivated through Treedia to question established practices to actively support the community and the environment. The mission of the brand is to introduce and establish a new mindset in advertising, promoting eco friendly solutions and inviting to a more “socially active” way of doing business.


Value of Care:

Treedia promotes the idea of social economy, in terms of adding an extra parameter in business life, related to the greater good. This refers to a culture, rather than a set of decisions, imposing the question “Is this way the best way to do things”. The product offerings of Treedia are selected to provide a firm, positive reply when it comes to advertising practices.


Value of Long-Terminism:

Although Cyprus hasn’t provided data for the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions analysis, researchers have stressed the long term orientation of the society. This context posits a well-informed decision-making process with a focus on long term results: that said, we can expect that our commitment to sustainability will resonate with our audiences’ values and priorities.

About us Purpose - Driven Company


Treedia is the child of DIG Digital Innovation Group Ltd, a tech-for-good company, from where we inherited our values,culture,principles and ideals.

At Treedia, we believe that businesses can do good while also making a profit. We are a profit-for-purpose company that is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. With our digital billboard screens, we offer businesses an innovative way to reach their audience while also contributing to a better future for our planet.

Every month, we plant an area of land with trees, equivalent to the size of all of our digital billboard screens combined.

Every year, thanks to theBreath® technology, each of our digital billboards on average can absorb pollution equivalent to the usage of 5000 petrol cars*

Join our vision to create a more sustainable world, one tree at a time.


We believe that every person has the power to “change the world”, each one by their infinitesimal contribution

🌱 #λιθαράκι

We believe that every person has the power to “change the world”, each one by their infinitesimal contribution

🌱 #λιθαράκι


This is not just another boring template that we have to fill. We live, breath and operate under those principles.


We believe that every person has the power to “change the world”, each one by their infinitesimal contribution.


Brands, people and businesses are not always cold-blooded just looking to generate more and more money. We're transforming the outdoor advertising industry by digitizing it completely, challenging existing practices, and eliminating the use of non-reusable printing materials. On top of that, our digital billboards feature cutting-edge technology that captures pollution and purifies the air.


Through our social entrepreneurship mindset, we deliver to marketers solutions that carry positive social impact. Thus, making their advertising truly meaningful. We provide a clear canvas to timely and digitally display their brand's creativity, story, vision and greater purpose.
you know what? we also plant trees 🌳

Treedia is a DOOH service that equips brands with the most innovative
omnichannel advertising solutions, while creating a new ecosystem of
professionals devoted to sustainability and social responsibility

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